Social Startups funded by Y Combinator (YC) in the San Francisco Bay Area 2024

May 2024

Browse 34 of the top Social startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • Wakie
    Wakie (w2016)Active • 10 employees • Menlo Park, CA, USA
    Users perform millions of calls and send hundreds of millions of messages every month. The topics vary from language practicing to mental issues to personal life conversations.
  • Tarjimly
    Tarjimly (w2018)Active • 4 employees • Mountain View, CA, USA
    Tarjimly is a YC-backed nonprofit (YC W18) that allows anyone to volunteer their language skills to help refugees and immigrants in need. We connect the world's bilingual speakers with the 23 million refugees struggling to communicate with doctors, lawyers, and NGOs using chat, phone, and video calling. We're building a new way for the world to help refugees by bridging language gaps.
  • Revery AI
    Revery AI (s2021)Active • 5 employees • Emeryville, CA, USA
    We are building the TikTok for fashion — a platform for creators to showcase their works, gain traction and build their brands. ### Reverie is powered by two pieces of core technology: - An AI-enhanced design tool for creators to turn their design ideas into e-commerce quality product images very efficiently. - An AI-powered Virtual Dressing Room to create professional fashion photography directly from product images. Both fashion creators and other users can easily style outfits on different models. With our core tech, we are building an active community of fashion creators (designers, stylists, influencers, bloggers, artists, casting directors, etc..) who produce original designs and engaging content around the published pieces. The social media platform will provide a streamlined path for fashion creators to experiment with their ideas and build traction. We want to eventually become the default choice for anyone who wants to launch their fashion label, and have the future Off-White, Balenciaga, Rick Oven, etc. originate from Reverie. Our team combines deep expertise in technology (AI Phds) and the fashion industry (Community builder). Our Virtual Dressing room is live with top retailers (such as Neiman Marcus) and has ~1M ARR. We are backed by YCombinator, TSVC, Cabra VC, and other amazing angels with retail experience and connections. Join us to reshape the fashion industry!
  • Beacons
    Beacons (s2019)Active • 40 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Helping creators build smarter and more successful businesses with websites, email marketing, ecommerce, and more.
  • Relationship Hero
    Relationship Hero (s2017)Active • 100 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Instantly connect with a certified relationship expert to get coaching and actionable advice: how to get a date, how to interpret a text, broken trust after cheating, moving on after a breakup, and more.
  • HER
    HER (s2015)Active • 10 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    HER is here to connect womxn and queer people. Our dating app helps LGBTQ+ folks express their identity fully and unequivocally to meet someone for love, lust or anything in between. Our communities connect people to each other socially around interests and identity. Group chats around what's important to you as well as listings of LGBTQ+ evens taking place in your area. HER also hosts events in 12 cities across the world, helping queer womxn meet in person. Our parties are typically 300-600 people per event and we host 4 per month.
  • Mirror AI
    Mirror AI (w2017)Active • 7 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Mirror Emoji Keyboard by Mirror AI is an app that takes a photo of your face and creates you a set of personalized emoji. You get hundreds of them ready to be shared on messengers or social networks.
  • Gather
    Gather (s2019)Active • 60 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. Our mission is to create opportunity and connection for everyone, no matter where they are. We do this by building the Metaverse, a virtual layer over the physical world where people can work, socialize, and learn. Since we launched in May of 2020, Gather has brought millions of people together. We have raised a total of $77 million in Series A and B from Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures, and more. We’re a small, friendly team based out of a state-of-the-art virtual office, where you can work whenever and wherever suits you. Come join us!
  • Chillabit (w2016)Active • 3 employees • Palo Alto, CA, USA
    On Chillabit, students share everything from interesting thoughts and questions to hilarious stories. It’s a collection of what’s important to the people around you.
  • Priime
    Priime (w2015)Active • 3 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Priime's founding team of lifetime photographers are made up of Y Combinator alumni who are also seasoned developers and designers. Combining our passion in photography, with our experience and skills of product design and development, we are setting out to lead the world in improving the overall quality of shared photos.
  • Hyper Online
    Hyper Online (s2020)Active • 7 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Hyper is an early stage startup with a mission to build the largest avatar platform in the world. We're starting by targeting consumer use-cases, and our first one is VTubing: an emerging type of content where creators use computer-vision and motion capture to pilot 3D avatars as content creation tools. Avatar content (also known as VTubing) has broken into the multi-billion-view-per-month category on places like Twitch and YouTube. This has given a new group of people the power to tell stories and present themselves on their own terms online while also protecting their IRL identities. Our goal is to build the largest platform tools for this new movement. We're now the #1 US VTubing app on iOS. We also recently announced our seed funding: we're backed by Amazon, Two Sigma Ventures, MakersFund, YCombinator, and other great investors. App Store: TechCrunch:
  • Precious
    Precious (w2018)Active • 7 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Precious is the iPhone app that tells the story of your children growing up. Using Artificial Intelligence, the app automatically finds the best baby pics on your phone, and then creates deliciously cute photo stories for you. Our vision is to help all families capture the joy of childhood. To do this, we are building the platform for preserving, enjoying & sharing your family's memories.
  • Plura (formerly Bloom Community)
    Plura (formerly Bloom Community) (w2020)Active • 5 employees • Oakland, CA, USA
    Plura (formerly Bloom Community) is a YCombinator backed startup based in Oakland, CA on a mission to use software to bring people together. Plura is a consent-forward social and dating community that helps you meet new friends and partners organically through shared events and experiences. We partner with local event producers to help you connect and chat with other attendees before and after events. And, with a strong consent culture and referral-based community, we're the safest place to meet new partners and friends. The team is led by Lauren Vegter. Lauren spent 5 years at Facebook, most recently leading viral user growth for Instagram from 700M to past a billion users in two years.
  • Delight
    Delight (s2022)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Delight is an AI copilot to help singles find and succeed in relationships. We’ve started with helping singles looking for a serious relationship find the right partner. For example, they talk to our AI copilot, as if they’re talking to a human matchmaker, in plain English they specify their preferences. They can be as specific as possible, e.g. someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, who appreciates fine art, enjoys discussing politics and comes from a big family. Our technology then finds their ideal partner. So far, we've helped create over 10,000 couples and in the future our AI copilot will offer these couples support for relationship success, like improving their communication, financial planning, couple’s legal assistance, and navigating life events.
  • Whereoscope (s2010)Acquired • 2 employees • Mountain View, CA, USA
    Whereoscope is a service designed to help parents keep know where their kids are. Whereoscope uses smartphones and an intelligent sampling algorithm to provide the best possible accuracy without draining the battery. Whereoscope enables location-based geo-fencing so that parents can know when their kids arrive at school, leave soccer practice, or are just about to get home.
  • Glimpse
    Glimpse (w2020)Acquired • 5 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Deeply engage groups of 4 to 400,000 through 1-on-1 video chats. Match back to back for round-robin chats or use typed rooms for enhanced pairings. Play games, take pictures, and more!
  • Fanvibe (s2010)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Check-in to games to chat and trash-talk with friends who are also watching. Get scores and breaking news sent straight to your iPhone. Fanvibe covers the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, college basketball, college football, and the English Premier League. Fanvibe Features Include: -Your Sports Pulse: A custom feed with news, scores and your friends’ activity. -Game Check-Ins: Tell your friends what you’re watching and see what games your friends are watching. Never ask, “Did you see that game?” again! -Personalized Scoreboard: Real-time scores, live game details, alerts and score updates. -Favorites: Get news and scores for your favorite teams sent straight to your iPhone or iPod touch. -Friend Finder: Find your friends easily by searching Facebook, Twitter and your address book. Coming soon: March Madness brackets and World Cup coverage, Cricket, Golf and Tennis. About Fanvibe Fanvibe for the iPhone / iPod Touch is the first product from We The Fan, a company dedicated to building new sports products built by and for the sports fan.
  • FamilyLeaf (w2012)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    FamilyLeaf is a private place to share your life with your family. You create a private page where your family can easily share photos, share life updates, store contact information, and post messages. Our mission is to bring families around the world closer together. Family is the most irreplaceable but overlooked social network; we want to help you share the little things that build a lifetime of love!
  • Loopt
    Loopt (s2005)Acquired • 11 employees • Mountain View, CA, USA
    Loopt, based in Silicon-Valley and backed by leading venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and New Enterprise Associates, has created an interoperable social-mapping service that allows individuals to use their location to discover the real world around them – enabling them to find and enjoy the people, places, and events that mean the most right here and now using their mobile phones. With Loopt, individuals will always know who’s around, what to do, or where to go
  • Heysan
    Heysan (w2007)Acquired0 • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Heysan was a free mobile messaging and community based in San Francisco, California. Initially Heysan provided free messaging between phones and computers, bridging IM with SMS. The service expanded into launching a mobile community and has over 1 million users doing tens of million of monthly messages. In the summer of 2007 Heysan raised a seed round from Khosla Ventures and Atomico, the venture funds of Vinod Khosla and Niklas Zennstrom. Heysan was acquired by Good Technology in May 2009.
  • Fabric (s2016)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Fabric is a personal location-based journal that catalogs experiences and interactions. With Fabric, users can automatically preserve a record of places, paths, activities, add friends, and browse photos.
  • DailyBooth
    DailyBooth (s2009)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    DailyBooth lets users follow their friends and update them in real-time through the use of pictures and status updates.
  • Parenthoods (s2014)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Parenthoods is a community platform for local parents to meet up, share advice, and help each other conquer one of life’s most craziest rides…parenthood.
  • Cocoon
    Cocoon (w2019)Acquired • 6 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Cocoon actively brings your most important groups closer together. It provides a private space to gather, the tools you need to keep each other close, and helps you keep writing your ongoing story as a unit.
  • Posterous
    Posterous (s2008)Acquired • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Posterous emerged from Y Combinator in the summer of 2008 as an innovative company focused on making blogging simple - as simple as sending an email - and now has more than 15 million monthly users. With the launch of Posterous Spaces, the company is bringing its trademark simplicity to help people share smarter with intuitive privacy controls to share selectively across multiple platforms.
  • Jemi
    Jemi (s2020)Acquired • 3 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Our mission is to help creators and entrepreneurs grow online. We do this by helping them build a beautiful website and online store with no coding or design background.
  • Squad
    Squad (w2018)Acquired • 10 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Squad adds screen sharing to video chats so you can use any app with friends
  • Fridge (s2010)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    The Fridge is a platform for lightweight single serving social networks for the functionality of Facebook without being on Facebook. The Fridge makes private conversation, media, and event sharing dead simple. The Fridge is like Tumblr for social networks. Anyone can easily create shared spaces, invite their friends and socialize/share photos, videos, music, and more. The Fridge reinvents how groups interact online allowing users to cut through the clutter of their social graph and create lightweight targeted spaces for personal and private relationships, special interest groups or clubs, or any temporary network around events, gatherings or nights out on the town...
  • GlassMap (s2011)Acquired • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Glassmap was acquired by Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) in January 2013. Glassmap is a simple, beautiful way to show your friends where you are and what you are up to! Use it to coordinate meetings and hangouts, keep up with loved ones, and serendipitously discover who and what is around you. Available for iOS and Android phones. Our mission is to make a clearer world and help people find life via Glassmap! Glassmap is backed by YCombinator and other top investors.
  • Bitplay (w2010)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    With you can meet face to face with anyone from around the world within your web browser. Meet with a client, a customer, your project team or your co-workers in person without ever leaving your desk by simply creating a tiny meeting room link and sharing the link with anyone you want to meet with. You can re-use your meeting room as many times as you want and you can have people drop in and out of the your room anytime. Because there's no sign ups or user registration needed to drop into a meeting room you can use as an online hangout for real time in person hangouts or as a telepresence system to attend meetings remotely.
  • Bump
    Bump (s2009)Acquired • 30 employees • Mountain View, CA, USA
    Bump was acquired by Google in 2013. The Bump and Flock apps were shut down, but our unreleased Photoroll app went on to become the basis for Google Photos, which we led from inception to more than 1B users. Bump let you exchange contact info and photos by bumping phones together. Bump was one of the all-time top mobile apps, amassing more than 150M installs by 2013. Flock was a semi-automated photo sharing app that figured out which photos you took with which friends and created private shared albums. Bump was co-founded in 2009 and received funding from Y Combinator, Sequoia, and Andreessen-Horowitz. We were based in Mountain View, CA.
  • Divvyshot
    Divvyshot (w2009)Acquired • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Divvyshot is a photo-sharing platform that enables users to share full resolution photos with friends.
  • Wildfire
    Wildfire (s2017)Acquired • 3 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    We started Wildfire during our senior year at UC Berkeley as a safety alert app for colleges. Wildfire quickly grew beyond a campus safety tool to a social news app, which empowered people to spread the word quickly to their community when something significant happened nearby. Over six years, we've sent 65 million alerts to nearly 1 million users.